Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Yes, I'm engaged to be married! Although I have suspected the date that he would give this ring to me, i never realized that such insinuation will turn into "false alarm." It was already around 9:00 PM of May 20, 2006 and we were already tired from malling and shopping. Suddenly, he asked if we could go to an adoration chapel. Since it's late already and the adoration chapel we used to visit was already closed, I suggested that we just go the next day since it will be Sunday anyway. He insisted so we headed to the adoration chapel of Sto. Domingo.(it's 24 hours open!).
The giving of the ring no longer crossed my mind so I just knelt down and pray ... seriously enough I guess ... with the question in my mind, when will he propose? I recalled that after 10 minutes, I was quietly praying with my eyes closed and suddenly I felt his hand hold mine tightly and whispered "i love you". I wondered why because it was an unusual gesture, and when I opened my eyes I saw the box popped out from his hand. So, it was the engagement ring! :) The day has not yet ended; he really proposed on the day that I suspected he would. :) Good thing, it wasn't false alarm though. He knelt down before me when we were already outside the adoration chapel. It's understandable since there were other people inside and he's not comfortable maybe. It was a romantic night to remember, a night that we will both cherish for the rest of our lives. :)