Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shawarma Snack Center Manila

Would you believe that it was only just recently that I've tasted a shawarma, the famous middle-eastern fare. My husband and with the usual food-trip buddies had planned going to Shawarma Snack Center in Malate, Manila (R. Salas Street between Adriatico and M.H. Del). When we arrived at the place, it was just a typical resto and nothing amused me that much. We looked at the menu choosing what to order but we all came up ordering one and the same thing -- shawarma. I ordered large shawarma as my lunch. When I tasted it, i was happy that it really tasted so good! It's even more tastier when garlic and chili sauce are poured over it. It's really something to crave for. No wonder why many people keep on coming back to Shawarma Snack Center just to satisfy cravings for ooh-so-yummy piece of such delectable treat.

These photos were taken during my second visit at the resto out of my insistent demand from my husband to take me back to the place. Why? Obviously, to have another bite of the tasty shawarma. I look forward for another visit and more... :)