Saturday, May 17, 2008

Determining a Crab's Gender

From the onset, what I know of is that a crab only has two genders, a female and a male. It was only recently that I knew that there's a bading (gay) crab. At first I thought my husband was just kidding me so I didn't mind him that much. When the vendor confirmed that he has bading crabs on stock, I was finally convinced. Bading crabs are usually the first ones that get sold out because these are more tasty than the rest.

To identify the crab's gender, look at the underside and spot the difference.

bading crab

female crab

male crab

True as they say, the bading crab is really something to look forward to.

Just a simple lesson I learned at the wet market and it was really enlightening. :)


Ethyl Alcohol said...

ahahaha! to think that there's really a bading crab! lol maybe i should try that one too. :)

Toe said...

Oh, very informative posts. Great photos too. Kakatawa... bading na alimango. :)

Lifecruiser said...

So, now I know the difference too! I hope I will remember though - I have a very bad memory :-)

I love your photos, very bright and clear ones and I love the way you take them.

Thank for stopping by and leaving the very kind comment on my Tulips.

Lifecruiser said...

Oh, and your blog design is gorgeous!!!

kyels said...

Thanks for sharing! Now I know how to look at crabs!


nona said...

oh..I didn't know there's such a bading crab? haha...kakatuwa naman. Nice to be back here orange, sana tuloy2x na. :)