Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Havaianas' Boracay Odyssey

One of my precious belongings, my Havaianas was fortunate enough to have stepped on the white powdery sand of the beaches in Boracay Island. I have been blessed to see the splendid island for the third time but it was only then that I learned about other beautiful beaches there. And so wherever I go, my heavenly Havaianas is privileged to see the beauty and charm of God's magnificent creation.

The first stop was the ever famous White Beach that boasts a very long shoreline; thus, it was partitioned into three parts (Stations 1 to 3). We walked towards Station 1 where there are few people and finer sand. When we saw the Grotto at Willy's Rock, my feet halted to enjoy the scenic view -- azure skies, blue green waters, irregularly-shaped big rocks, ahhh! a beautiful sight indeed!

If only heavenly Havaianas could speak, I'm sure it would not let a second pass without uttering how amazed it was with the perfect view of the sunset over the horizon.

The second day was definitely not a time to miss the opportunity to do beach hopping; not via boat as it is quite expensive; rather, via tricycle. We rented a tricycle for P200 per hour. The whole beach hopping and a side trip to Mt. Luho (on the way to Puka beach) lasted for three hours. Due to time constraints, we opted skipping the visit to the bat cave.

The first beach stop was Bolabog beach. It was really a hot afternoon but yet the windy atmosphere alleviated us from the melting heat of the sun.

Heavenly Havaianas got off my feet and took a peep of the foamy water produced by the gentle push of the waves.

From that sight, it set its eyes onto the courageous kite surfers trying to win the battle against the mighty waves.

Next stop was sort of a mountain climbing atop Mt. Luho. It took me roughly 20 minutes to complete the steps. It depends on one's stamina and endurance in reaching the top faster. At the peak, heavenly Havaianas saw the entire Boracay Island on a macro perspective.

We maximized our last day by getting up as early as 6:00 am so we can still enjoy the beach under the early morning sun.

From Station 2, heavenly Havaianas walked around two kilometers going to Diniwid Beach (the most beautiful beach of the paradise island).

As I enjoy my last two hours stay on the paradise island, just sitting on the sand with my camera, my pointing finger instantaneously released my cam's shutter button to capture this typical scenario on Boracay's vast waters. This picture was a perfect reminder of my first visit. I could vividly remember how afraid I was to ride the banana boat knowing that I don't know how to swim. Even if I was equipped with a life jacket, I never trusted it. Courage and faith were my weapons in conquering my fear of the ride. Thankfully, I survived! And I admit, I enjoyed the experience. That's why I love to travel because it paves the way to many discoveries in life not to mention the lessons that these teach me. Most of all, these give me additional strength in conquering my fear; and, prepare my character in facing future challenges that I will have to face as I live my life.

I will still travel places to gather more treasured learnings and discoveries that life has to offer. Just like my Havaianas, while its rubber soles can still cover a thousand miles, traveling goes on.


kyels said...

Your pair of Havaianas sure is lucky to have trudged along the sands of Boracay!


Ethyl Alcohol said...

it was such a nice experience for your havainas and for you, as well. :) I don't know how to swim too, but it won't let me spoil the beach. =D

Sidney said...

In Boracay my Havaianas are only interested in the bikini clad babes! ;-)

tin-tin said...

lucky havs.

looks like your havs really had a good time in bora :)

pusa said...

hey you can use this entry to join the havaianas flipping the beach contest!!!

Lifecruiser said...

Those photos are exactly those kind of photos I don't want to see!!!! *giggles*

Because I'm so tempted to go there right NOW :-D

We, my husband and I, were on our way there in 2005, we had booked flight tickets and all, when the Tsunami did hit the west coast of Malaysia where we were planning to do our first stop on our way to Boracay.

The thing that really stopped us, (we had to cancel our tickets and did loose some money too) were the fact that we BOTH, almost at the same time got Pneumonia here in Sweden, before we even started!

What's the odds of that happening...???? *sigh*

After flooding comes a lot of risk for sickness so we didn't dare to go. It took us about half a year to get well, so I guess we did the right decision....

After that a lot of things has come between, but now we feel ready to go again :-)

Boracay Hotels said...

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