Monday, April 7, 2008

Hawaiian Barbecue in Boracay

On our first night in Bora, i purposely suggested that we have our dinner at Hawaiian Barbecue. The ribs there was introduced to me by my former boss when we went in Bora two years ago. There's really something in their delectable ribs that made me look forward to have a bite of it again.

That night was really fulfilling and satisfying not only because of the good food I had but also for our renewed bonding with a treasured friend.

spicy wings priced at around P240

original ribs priced at around P350

Thumbs up to these two signature dishes on an al fresco dining experience.

Hawaiian Barbecue is situated at Station 2, White Beach beside Big Mama's.


kyels said...

Wah! Sarap!!!


Ethyl Alcohol said...

Looks delicious. :)

acey said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm! looks like good food.

tutubi philippines said...

sarap naman nyan. sarap balikan

nona said...

hi orange, at last blogger let me in here.
ooo,you made me hungry with those foods. yum! mouthwatering :D

banggigay said...

woooow! sayang i just hopped to this blog. di ko nasubukan ito sa bora. thanks for hopping btw to my crib. :-)

Anonymous said...

nice ribs indeed

Lifecruiser said...

Yummy! I wouldn't mind to take a big bite of those delicious ribs! *drooling heavily*

You know, I have to memorize this, because we're thinking of going to the Philippines (and Boracay) in the beginning of next year! Somewhere around end of January - mid April probably.

One thing I was a bit worried (not much) about were the food, since I'm a bit picky with food and really am a hungry monster (lol) who needs to be fed to keep calm ;-)